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Scanning Photos, Film, Document
Consult us about a variety of scanning options tailored to meet the service you need in a cost effective way.
If your photograph or film is within a certain shape we'll scan it in Low-Cost Scan using high capacity commercial scanners
for the lowest cost and the fastest way without compromising the image quality.
If your original doesnŐt fit our scanners or your job requires defined specifications, we'll process it in Custom Scan.
If your original is in an odd size or shape we'll digitize it in our full scale Studio Work.
We scan all film, photographs, documents, 3-D objects, grand format art images. Pro Image scans better, faster, cheaper.
Low-Cost Scan 
In this service group we provide files for general use. Refer to Custom Scan for image reproduction or customized services.
▪ Pictures, Slides, Negatives by auto-feeding scanner
    ▪ Photograph   ▪ Slide (35mm)   ▪ 35m Film in Strip  
    (2x2 to 8.5x14)    120 Film in strip   (each image prices)  
 Minimum Order →   $5   $5   $5  
  ↓ Volume Discount
1   $3.00   $3.00   $0.80  
10 $2.20 $2.20 $0.70
20   $1.60   $1.60   $0.60  
50 $1.20 $1.40 $0.50
100   $0.85   $1.20   $0.40  
200 $0.50 $1.00 $0.30
500   $0.30   $0.80   $0.27  
1000 $0.20 $0.65 $0.25
3000   $0.15   $0.60   $0.22  
> Customer is to provide or purchase ($10) a USB or SD storage or purchase one in store or ask for CD burning ($10 fee).
> For prints smaller than 2"x2" refer to Custom Scan (below); for large prints refer to Studio Camera Work (page2). 
> Upon customer's request on film scanning we can turn on ICE feature to minimize stains, dust, scratches on the film surface.
> Our scan service includes basic optimization in color/density. Professional level optimization is available for an exta fee.
For ultimate custom color, density, hue control, see Custom Scan below.
▪ Business Document Stack by auto-feeding scanner
    ▪ Letter size   ▪ Legal size   ▪ 11x17 size  
    paper stack   paper stack   paper stack  
Minimum Order →   $5   $5   $5  
  ↓ Volume Discount
1   $1.00   $1.00   $1.00  
20 $0.75 $0.90 $0.90
40   $0.60   $0.80   $0.80  
100 $0.50 $0.70 $0.70
200   $0.45   $0.60   $0.65  
500 $0.40 $0.50 $0.60
1000   $0.35   $0.45   $0.55  
2500 $0.30 $0.40 $0.50
6000   $0.25   $0.35   $0.45  
> Stack Document file is saved in one folder; each additional folder costs $5.
> In these prices we'll scan Letter size documents vertically, Legal size and 11x17 horizontally. Therefore scanned files from Legal and 11x17 originals
   may show 90 degree tilted on the computer screen.  File rotation is available at an extra fee.
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Custom Scan
For originals that cannot be scanned by auto-feeding scanners due to size, shape or special requests;
Scanning select frames in the negative strip (vs. scanning all frames in the strip);
Film scanning in hi-res Tiff file (vs. standard JPG format);
Medium or 8x10 format film scan;
Your cost is determined by the length of time our lab should spend at a rate of $3 per minute.
We'll provide a price quotation.
Please refer to Picture-Reproduction services below as a price example.
However there are exceptions following complexity in each job. We'll quote you before we start.
Price example of Picture-Reproduction scan:
Don't have the original file or negative for the picture you want to reproduce? No problem. We'll scan your picture.
When we reproduce a picture we must scan and adjust settings to match our photo paper emulsion.
Therefore our scan procedure involves extra labor in three levels. Tell us how much critical color match you need. 
▪ Standard Level Picture-Reproduction Scan 1 original/3+/10+50+ $10/$8.5/$7/$6
> Most popular option due to low price and quick turnaround. Limited to color originals sized between 2"x2" & 8.5"x14".
▪ Advanced Level Picture-Reproduction Scan price is determined by time spent $20 or more
> Scanning a picture or film for reproduction of giclee prints or large format prints. 
> Scan work required to fit a certain size such as in filling out a document form.
   A locket print including scanning the original costs $30, optional installation into the locket is about $10.
> For other critical color reproduction, our graphic specialists will handle the scanning for the deepest details.
Please note Picture-Reproduction service prices don't include the print price. Add the print price shown p.4 or p.5.
We'll save the file onto a USB drive only if customer provides or purchases one at time of the scan order.
Studio Work - Artwork or 3-D items to Digital File
If the original is too large to fit in conventional scanners, we'll create digital files from our full scale studio.
Refer to Commercial Studio Camera Work section on page 2.
Medium size - Flat pictures, painting, architect drawings within 30"x40"           1/3+/10 or more $50/$45/$40
Large size - Exceeding 30"x40" in either side but smaller than 40"x50"           1/3+/10 or more $90/$80/$70
Extra Large size or works on customer's premises We'll quote you