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Large Format Printing (GiclŽe Print)
Fine Art Wide Format Prints    
▪ Photographic Paper - glossy, luster See price group PB in the chart below
> Printed on Kodak Professional Photo of a larger gamut and higher Dmax that ensures accurate color,
   while producing deeper, richer black, an expanded dynamic range and additional detail in shadow areas.
▪ Photographic Paper - matte See price group PB
> It provides high ink-load retention needed for saturated colors, quality images, and brilliant colors.
▪ Metallic Paper See price group PC
> Wow, it's bright, reflecting, sharper. 
▪ Fine Art, Watercolor Paper See price group PD
> For a unique painterly look, this natural white alpha cellulose paper with a coarse, structured surface
  replicates traditional artist papers for all types of reproductions, including fine art, photo restorations.
Canvas Prints & Acrylic Prints  
▪ Canvas Print & Stretching on wooden frame Half the price if you print only or stretch only See PE
> If you know all Canvas prints are not equal, discover the highest grade printed on Epson Canvas.
> The price includes print and stretching on a wooden frame, or half the price if printing or stretching only
▪ HD Aluminum - direct print on metal panel See PF
> It's a new fashion among art producers and interior designers achieving a powerful impact at a low budget.
> Ask for size limits. Max size is 30x40; custom cut is limited to 30".
> 2 weeks turnaround; requires a 50% total deposit
▪ PlexiPrint - photo print under arcylic glass See PG
> Pictures mounted under acrylic glass are crystal clear, elegant, and pure – the perfect images produced
   in gallery-quality. The print comes with a sturdy hanger or a stand. Square, rectangular, circular shapes.
> Glossy finishing is standard; reflection reducing Matte option is available for a 15% extra charge.
> The glass is 0.08" thick or optional 0.24" thick (add a 10% surcharge); back is aluminum black Dibond panel 
> Check our samples, discuss options in hanging/easel, round/straight corners, etc.
> 2 weeks turnaround; requires a prepayment of half the total price
▪ Complete PlexiPrint with a custom built ArtBox Frame wooden or aluminum See PH
The ArtBox subtly frames your photo when viewed from the front, but shows impressive depth when viewed from the side.
The solid wood lends your image a natural appearance while the aluminum brings a comtemporary look. 
Wooden ArtBox - 12mm thin front, 45mm deep side. Front  is textured silver or gold, side is black.  
                Custom sizes from 6"x6" to 47"x70"
Aluminum ArtBox - 2mm thin front, 25mm deep. The metal is modern and puristic in silver or elegant in black.  
                Custom sizes from 6"x6" to 47"x78"
Commercial Signs  - quality indoor applications
▪ SignagePolyPoster See price group PA
> It offers durability, water and tear resistance at a very economical price. Indoor and outdoor signage,
  tradeshow displays, theater backdrops, shop-front displays and floor graphics (with laminate)
▪ Self-adhesive Poly See price group PB
> Versatile product produces deeply saturated, long-lasting prints adhesive, water and tear resistant.
▪ PhotoTex See price group PD
> Repositionable fabric sticks to any non-porous flat surface and removes easily with no residue
   for sharp looking, seamless graphics and superior photographic images every time. Indoor & outdoor
▪ Scrim Banner See price group PD
> Scratch, water-resistant surface with a white point never before seen on a banner substrate.
   scrim-reinforced vinyl designed to create spectacular, high impact, cost-effective graphics standing up
▪ Backlit Film, Translucent Film See price group PD
> With a heavyweight polyester Duratrans©-like support, this film offers excellent image reprodution
   and finishing characteristics, exceptional color saturation and durability.
Commercial Signs  - durable outdoor applications
▪ Vinyl Banners, Mesh Prints, Window Display, Perforated Prints, Fabric Prints, Acrylic Prints, etc. Let us quote you.
> Talk to a outdoor sign specialist at Pro Image. We have a long list of sign and graphics solutions for commercial sign contractors.
  From double sided vinyl banner signs to perforated widwod graphics to rigid street signs, we can partner you in the project.
  We can't publish the prices without knowing the details of the project, but you know we are always fair in price.
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Prices for Panoramic Format Prints - wider than 1:2 ratio retangular prints
If one side of the print is longer than the other side by 1 to 2 ratio or wider, add a surchage to the standard prices. 
→ If the print shape is wider than 1:2 ratio such as in 10"x25" or 30"x 75", add a 30% surcharge
→ If the print shape is wider than 1:3 ratio such as in 10"x35" or 30"x 95", add a 50% surcharge
→ If the print shape is wider than 1:4 ratio such as in 10"x100", ask for quote
Prices for Standard Format Prints - square or rectangular prints not exceeding 1:2 ratio
We produce most sizes for which some media goes up to 5 ft by 100 ft uncut. 
The price is determined by square foot of the print. 
Examples: 24"x36" is 6 sq.ft. or 30"x36" is 7.5 sq.ft. but is subject to 8 sq.ft. price.
> How to convert inches into square feet?
   (V) inch x (H) inch Ö 144 makes square feet. Example: 24"x48" makes (24x48Ö144) 8 sq ft.
If the print is a panoramic format wider than 1:2 ratio, refer to Panoramic Format surcharges above.
      Price Group → ▪ PA   ▪ PB    ▪ PC   ▪ PD  
Square ft ↓ Size Examples    PolyPoster   Photo Paper   Metallic Paper   FineArt Paper  
1 8x10, 12x12 etc. min purchase $48 $18 $20 $24
2 11x14, 16x18 etc.   min $48   $20   $26   $30  
3 16x20, 18x24 etc. min $48 $28 $38 $43
4 20x24, 24x24 etc.   min $48   $34   $50   $56  
5 20x30, 24x30 etc. min $48 $40 $61 $67
6 22x38, 24x36 etc   min $48   $48   $72   $78  
7 24x40, 30x33 etc. min $48 $56 $82 $87
8 30x36, 30x38 etc.   $48   $64   $92   $96  
For 9 sq.ft. or larger sizes $6 $8 $11 $12
apply per-square-foot price   per sq.ft.   per sq.ft.   per sq.ft.   per sq.ft.  
14       40x50 etc.   $84   $112   $154   $168  
21 50x60 etc. $126 $168 $231 $252
50 60x120 etc.   $300   $400   $550   Ask  
> For HD Aluminum and PlexiPrint, extra small or large sizes are available.
> Minimum order for Signage media is $42
      Price Group → ▪ PE   ▪ PF*   ▪ PG**   ▪ PH**  
Square ft ↓ Size Examples    Canvas & stretching   HD Aluminum   PlexiPrint   PlexiPrint in ArtBox  
    smaller than 8x10   Ask   $20 or $30*   $35**   $195  
1 8x10, 12x12 etc. $45 $55 $130 $230
2 11x14, 16x18 etc.   $60   $95   $220   $375  
3 16x20, 18x24 etc. $87 $175 $250 $395
4 20x24, 24x24 etc.   $112   $230   $330   $495  
5 20x30, 24x30 etc. $135 $275 $410 $595
6 22x38, 24x36 etc.   $156   $290   $490   $690  
7 24x40, 30x33 etc. $175 $315 $575 $805
8 30x36, 30x38 etc.   $200   $400   $660   $925  
For 9 sq.ft. or larger sizes $25 max size $80 $110
apply per-square-foot price   per sq.ft.   30x40 ($440)   per sq.ft.   per sq.ft.  
14       40x50 etc.   $350   Ask   $1,120   $1,540  
21 50x60 etc. $525 Ask $1,680 $2,310
50 60x120 etc.   $1,250   Ask   Ask   Ask  
{The print price is included in PE, PF, PG, PH; a prepayment of 50% total is required when ordered}
> *For Aluminum, a 5x7 or smaller costs $20, an 8x8 or smaller costs $30
*Standard HD Aluminum print size is limited to 30"x40" ($360).  Get a quotation for extra custom sizes.
> ** PlexiPrint Matte finish is available for a 15% surchage. Matte glass absorbs reflections while giving equal visual depth.
** PlexiPrint (glossy) is made with 0.04" thick glass. Add a 10% surchage for 0.25" glass option.
** PlexiPrint is also made in circular shapes up to 50" dia. The price is equal to a suare size. Ex: ¯50" equals 50"x50" price.
   ** For PlexiPrint (glossy or matte) a 5x7 or smaller costs $35; an 8x8 or smaller costs $60