In September 2008, Arista Camera, located in Bronxville, New York, joined the Pro Image family. Pro Image now serves three areas in and around upper Manhattan, offering a wide range of imaging services rated "Best in Class" by Kodak.

Pro Image was founded in 1996 by Manny Parks, who made a transition from successful 1-hour photo consultant to retail store owner by establishing his own imaging service lab in New York City . From the beginning, Pro Image has offered retail customers many digital based photography services at competitive prices, always mindful of price vs. quality: as the slogan said, "More imaging; more value."

Excellent customers deserve an excellent lab. No other lab in New York is more recognized for its excellence than Pro Image, as attested to by the following industry awards and recognition we have received over the years.

  1. Eastman Kodak Company has recognized Pro Image Photo six times as the industry's outstanding lab.

      • Our Amsterdam location has earned: Best In Class (2003), Best In Class (2005), Achievement In Retail Excellence (2006) - The winners are announced in the following year, and 2006 was the most recent contest.

      • Our Broadway location has earned: Best In Class (2003), Achievement In Retail Excellence (2005), Best In Class (2006)

  2. In 2006 Pro Image won 1st place in a national marketing contest co-sponsored by Disney and Kodak.
  3. A number of trade magazines covered Pro Image's success story.

Parks currently serves as an advisory board member for the Kodak Imaging Center Solution (KICS) Program of the Kodak Company, and as an advisory committee member of the Photo Marketing Association International (PMA).

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